Rainer Knupp was born in Germany and has been working as a playworker in London for many years. He works at Chelsea Playground and is now part of various projects with PATH. Also with PATH he has been coordinating various inclusive play projects and passionately supports the delivery of more play and inclusion within the borough. In 2008 he became an accredited Feldenkrais® Practitioner in the school ‘Mind In Motion’ in Amsterdam, NL which was financially supported by the Dancers’ Career Development Trust (DCD). Rainer is teaching dance and the Feldenkrais Method in and outside of London. He has taught Feldenkrais® – ‘Awareness through Movement’ for playworkers at the East London Play Conference of PATH at Oxford House last October. The question he was asking was how playworkers can use body awareness as a source for staying fit and recovering as well as learning and stimulating creativity. Rainer’s background is in contemporary dance and performance making in which he has performed in a wide range of projects in the UK and Europe. Recently he was performing at Toynbee Theatre and Coventry University (Ending, The Risk of Beginning) and the National Portrait Gallery (Paper Portraits by Florence Peake). Rainer is part of the Breathing Space Art in the Hospital Programme of Falling Wide in which he has performed at Chelsea Westminster Hospital with work by Katye Coe and of Breathing Space Children’s Programme in which he has teaching assisted at Richard House Children’s Hospice. Since 2004 he is part of the inclusive improvisation group of Entelechy Arts in Deptford, London.


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