Penny Wilson has been a playworker since the mid-1980s. For a large part of that time she worked at Chelsea Adventure Playground, an inclusive site where disabled children and their peers could play together. She is now employed as the Inclusion Worker at the Play Association Tower Hamlets (PATH) in the East End of London where she lives. She also writes about play and provides playwork training.


3 Responses to “– Team Member – Penny Wilson”

  1. Neema Mahini Says:

    Hello Penny Wilson,

    My name is Neema Mahini and I am a Defender of Adventure Playground in Irvine, CA. Me and a group of fellow ex-staff members used to work for years at a large 4 acre, fort-filled, waterslide and mudpit equipped adventure playground in Irvine in Orange County. We all had a blast and the entire surrounding community loved it and we had visitors from over 70 miles away and we had reservations of over 500 kids on some days. In very recent times the City of Irvine has planned to completely demolish adventure playground to the ground! When we heard, which we were not supposed to have heard, about this injustice we jumped into action: Me and two others created hundreds of flyers, walked door to door in the community and gathered supporters, spoke publicly at the city council meeting and scheduled a private meeting with the city manager and co., held a rally on the 19th of September that went so well we marched, through Irvine, to the main intersection and rallied for an hour before marching back, then blasting the city manager away at the meeting to the point where they apologized about the discreetness of their planned actions and wanted to negotiate at an all inclusive meeting on October 20th in Irvine. In doing so, we postponed the destruction of AP for a month and they are bringing the tractor out of AP! Our actions have already made action and is progressing very well, but we could use all the help we can get.

    I have spoken to the Adventure Playground leader in Berkely and she recommended me to you, saying that you are a strong advocate for protecting and creating play parks. This park meant a lot to a great many people, we all put in our time and sweat and blood into this place and we have seen so many happy kids and so much joy being spared that the city really has no idea what they are trying to demolish. If there is anything you can do to please help us in our struggle, then we are begging you to help us, for Adventure Playground’s sake. Please stay updated on the issue at our website we made for the fight, thank you Penny!

    Sincerely with love,
    Neema Mahini
    Defender of Adventure Playground

  2. Neema Mahini Says:

    Sorry this is the website,

  3. Heather Says:

    Hi Penny,

    I just finished watching your introductory video through the Institute for Play’s facebook page. I’m both intrigued and inspired by the role of playworkers. How does one become a playworker? I would love the opportunity to train with and under you and your team.



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