Morgan LeichterSaxby has been a playworker, researcher and natural builder, studying issues of people and place in England and America. She graduated from Vassar College with a B.A. in Art and Architecture and an M.A. from University College London in Material and Visual Culture (Anthropology). Her thesis work examined children’s processes of ludic placemaking at an East London Adventure Playground, a project which led her to become a playworker with PATH.

Having previously worked with Demos Think Tank and the London Wildlife Trust, she is most interested in working methods that combine research and practice – in theory that gets its hands dirty. Although currently also working at Islington Play Association on a borough-wide project to improve access and inclusion on Adventure Playground, she lives and works in East London and loves the opportunity to improve play provision in her own local area. She occasionally delivers workshops and seminars at the London Centre for Playwork Education and Training, and at conferences. She is a strong believer in the radical possibilities of free play, which offers unique opportunities to build, enrich, inhabit and share internal and tangible worlds.

Her primary research interests in play are questions of inhabitation and alteration of space, privacy, social risk-taking, and gender and body dysmorphia.  Her personal blog is here.


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