Originally the Play Times Team had three women placed with them through the Future Jobs Fund. they were all asked to send me six sentences at the end of each play session that they completed with the understanding that these would be included in the PLOG.

I was interested to see if the placements/students would  begin to refine their observational practice as they did more play sessions and absorbed more play and playwork theory.  I did not get any written work from two of the women. the third however has sent me updates and I am greatly appreciative of this. The path of her learning is evident as you scroll back down through the entries.

Many thanks to you NR for sticking with this task.


30th June Eric street


Today at eric street we had a visitor joining the children`s play… their local neighbourhood cat! The children had fun playing with the ginger coloured cat, by throwing a blue rope towards it, which the cat eagerly chased. The cat was soo friendly and warm amongst the children that it allowed every child to stroke it. It seemed as though play was not only facilitated to the children, but also too their neighbourhood cat.


5th July budrette community estate


Today at budrette estate was the last play session of two play workers there. So they bought some goodbye party food, to say their farewell. Many of the children were sadden to hear about them leaving. Therefore they made them a leaving poster, with their names in the middle of a heart, with multi colours surrounding it. This showed the children`s gratitude to the play workers, who are leaving and how much they will be missed.

21st June  

Today was a great session at budette estate, as the children bought out their inner creative skills by painting all kinds of authentic things, such as posters saying happy birthday, I love you mummy, hand printing, mixing glitter with paint and just getting their hands really messy!  I can remember one child saying “I’m going to make a painting of my whole family” and so she did. She drew her mother, by.distinguishing  her with bright blue eyes, which she truly has. The only thing that I could change regarding today`s sessio was bringing clay, as the children asked for it.

22nd Eric Street

Today at eric street was a birthday party of a young girl. I can remember all the play workers and I had to build the gazebo for her special day, in case it rained over her birthday food and drinks. However, we had to stay an hour extra due to the party starting late and all the children were playing and enjoying themselves soo much, which we didnt mind 🙂

23rd Bede 1 &2

Today I was lucky enough to join the children of bede one and two. At Bede one I observed the children playing piggy in the middle with a football, then I was kindly was invited to play with them, by a gesture of  throwing a ball at me to play. At bede two I observed  the children playing badminton. It was a very competitive game, as all the children were taking the game very seriously, by writing each contenders scores down on the floor. It was such a great session that the other play worker and I lost track of the time and stayed a little longer 🙂 !

15th june

 Today at Eric Street was a fun day where both children and parents participated in badminton.  It was great to see how some of the children`s parents were getting involved with their play. It almost seemed like it bought out their inner child, as one parent was loudly cheering, when she scored a point. I think today`s session went very well , although one parent had requested a ball for  their little toddler, which we didn’t have, but their child was happy playing with a paper ball, which I made for them instead. 

16th June

Today I had my play session at bede one, where I was invited by a young person to play hangman and knots and crosses. I can remember I had to guess the missing words, whilst playing the hangman game, once I guessed the letters she spaced out, it was “my little brother is annoying “.

18th malmesbury estates

Today I observed the children play the game called IT and alittle badminton. I can remember whilst playing IT,  one child had hurt her ankle and said she couldn’t walk, so her friend helped her, by giving her a piggy back, so she could move to different parts of the playground. Although, soon as she saw some of the children showing off their gymnastic skills on  building entrance pole, her bad ankle went away, once she entered their play frame.

9TH Thursday

Today was a wonderful day at bede estates, as I observed the children from bede 2 play with the huge colourful parachute. It was fun to see how the children enjoyed going under the parachute, soon as the wind blew it high. It also was a great session for us as the other play worker and I independently set out a session at bede 2 on our own, which we were very pound of.  

14th Budette community

Today was a warm fun day for the children, as they had participated in different activities, such as knitting, painting and playing cops and robbers. I observed some children making a birthday card for their younger sibling, where everyone was helping them paint the letters and balloons that they drew. It was great team work!  

8th Eric street
Today at eric street the children had great fun  playing Hide and seek. They played at their residential building block, for shelter when it was raining.
I believe it was a great session, as all the children of eric street including the playworkers had joined in to play, by making it a super fun session, although it was raining for some time.

Saturday 5th electric house

Today at electric house the children had fun designing wonderful posters to promote next Saturday`s party at their estate. However the children were finding it difficult sticking their posters on the walls, as the trap was not sticky enough. Therefore they thought of an alternative approach and used the trees instead, which the posters had stuck on probably. Whilst they were doing that, I could remember what one little girl said “people stick posters on the trees of their missing pets”, which she was quite right about!

Tuesday 8th Budette community estate

Today at budette community estate the children decided to use imaginative play, by wrapping me around with wool! The children said “there knitting me” and one child said “I`m making a spider web” I believe the children certainly enjoyed themselves, as other children entre their play frame.

Bede estate 2nd June

Today at Bede was a very nutritious day, where the children enjoyed making many different fruit smoothies. I think today`s session went very well, as the children were experimenting their taste bunds. I remember one young person was making a smoothies that most contained blueberry. After she completing her smoothie she had a little taster and came up with a very wonderful joke” berryberry” nice!

1st June

Today atEric Streetwas a lovely day, where the children participated it different activity such as, water play and arts and craft. I think the session went well, as the children were making animals out of clay. One little girl said “I`m making an elephant that looks like an alien” and indeed it looked like one!

28th May  Malmesbury estate

Today at Malmesbury estate was a great session for the children, because PATH held a wonderful party for their community, which was full of different healthy snack for them to eat and enjoyable games for the children to play with. The only thing that went bad at today`s session was the pass the parcel game, which did not contain halah sweet for the muslim children to eat. Therefore the next party, the play workers will make sure that there will also be halah sweets for the muslim children to eat.

25th Eric Street

Today atEric StreetI observed some children doing water play. They were filling up a huge red bucket of water and spilling it down the top of a hill, I heard one child say “were making a water slide”   I believe the children`s water play activity went well, however they were finding it difficult lifting the huge bucket of water up the hill, but then I was invited by the children to help them carry the water bucket up the hill.

24th budett

Today at budette estate I watch young people entre its community estate play area, as they were celebrating their last day of school. They were full of emotion, by crying, shouting and screaming all at once. I found it was wonderful seeing them celebrate their late day of school, as it bought back my own school memories.

19th May Bede estates

Today at Bebe I observed both brother and sister trying to overcome their fear of rubber toy sake.  The Little boy`s younger sister was first hesitant to touch the toy sake, but then she realised it was just a toy! Although her brother was still scared of toy sake and said “it will bite him”.

Eric Street 18 May

Today atEric StreetI observed the children doing all sorts of activities, such as colouring and playing football and add. I don’t think today`s session went badly, as all the children played independently and freely.

11th May Eric street

Today atEric StreetI observed some children playing with a paddling pool filled up with water. I think they enjoyed this activity, because they were pretended that the paddling pool was a witch`s` cauldron. They also used a hockey stick as a spoon, to stair their make believe poison. If I had to change one thing, it would be maybe having an air pump, to blow some extra air inside the paddling pool, so it could reach its full capacity.

9th May

Today at Malmesbury estates, I observed the children performing deep play, by making a children`s swing into an electric chair. I can remember the young girl shouting at the other children saying, “are you ready to be electrocuted” and then she had nudged the swing, whilst everyone was screaming. I believe it facilitated their play, as the young girl had seen or heard about the eclectic chair and was demonstrating and re-acting it through play.

Bede 5th May

Today at Bebe i had a fine day, as I observed the children do imaginative and fantasy play, which was inside a children`s play tent. They were all role modelling a character of their own, acting as a shop keeper and a customer at a takeout shop. Chicken was mostly on demanding at their fantasy take out shop, which was constantly being ordered. I believe today`s session facilitated the children`s possessed of full power, through playing a character at their own made up “take out store”.

Today at Burdette community estate there were fewer children out to play, compared to the previous week. I believe it had something to do with the weather being much more colder than last week`s weather. However, the children of Burdette community estate still had fun! As they were being very artistic by drawing amazing pictures on the ground, with different coloured chalks. One of the children drew a Hello Kitty hand bag for me, which I thought was lovely. Almost at the end of our session both children and Player workers all played hide and run togather, which was very entertaining and enjoyable for the children.