Eric Street

March 9th 2011

 Bright cold day.

 Sy and Ike came along to Eric Street to look at ways to encourage the kids to make some swings on the tree crown.

I chatted to the Blacksmith from Stepney City Farm about another project, while Isaac made a Monkey’s Fist.

This is a Monkey’s Fist

This is for swinging on.

It will have to be taken down when there are no adults out with kids.

The rest of the rope work can stay up all the time.

Sy spliced a piece of rope to make a swing fixing.

As soon as the children arrived they started to explore the new things they could do with the rope work

The children got hold of some masking tape and made rope work of their own.

There was rocket and mustard and lovely cabbages, coriander and fennel.

 It was sooo delicious, I had to stop myself from cutting a big bag of salad for my lunch

Then she quietly picked up a tub of chalk and walked to the car park to do some drawing

They sat lightly on the grass

This one rested on the spring flowers.

Today the project was being visited by Chris Taylor who was doing an evaluation of the whole three years of the Play Times project.

 She spoke to lots of people about how they felt about this play space. I was so proud of the work that the Play Times team has done.

We also had a visit from Phil Doyle. He has been here before. And had a great time and liked the space. He brought Bernard Spiegal with him today as well.. They both know a lot about how good play places work and they liked this one. They also liked the idea of fairly lights in the street trees on this estate.

It was great to blow bubbles today. The wind and the sun caught them beautifully

The growing boxes were filled with amazing vegetable and herbs,

 One of the children pulled a little off each of the plants and gave it to me to eat.

It was difficult to pull the ropes tight over the tree trunks.

As the rope gets pulled and played on, it will stretch. It has to be tied tightly and it will need to be checked and tightened again in a few weeks.