As a part of our deal with the young people to leave the ‘Little ‘Uns’ session undisturbed, the previous evening, Cathy and I had promised to open the centre so that the young people could welcome some visitors from the USA to their club. They have made these friendships over the last few years through their work with the Tabernacle youth work project. They spoke so fondly and with a quiet pride, it was obvious that they wanted to welcome these friends to their own club.

However the visitors all had jet lag and they were clearly disappointed. But their mood was lovely and gentle and cozy and they chatted and played pool and wrote on the walls and were absolutely mellow and friendly. The shop front felt more than ever like a sitting room.

Some of the young people I had not got to know so well came in and one guy discovered that he and I had met before at his school in a ‘consultation’ about their Building Schools for the Future open space plan. We were both delighted to remember where we had met each other before.

The conversations and humour were great. It was mellow and lovely and I really did not want to leave them. My son had a load of mates around at the weekend and it was hard to see any difference in the close family atmosphere at home and that of Wager street that evening. I felt that I should behave like a guest, because I am- that was understood and I was made to feel at home. A good couple of hours of life.