I found this session one of the most moving that I have ever experienced. Words failed me as I tried to record it the following day. All I could do was to try to capture the spirit of it using the photographs that I took. Hopefully, this power point will be available shortly. Until then, let me say that a local resident took the impetus and organised a gazebo lit with fairy lights, hot drinks and candles. The children and mums were rounded up and spent the whole session with us. Rainer, Cathy and I supported the session but the children and the mums seized the moment.

They children and the Mums told me how they wanted the open spaces on their estate to be developed and drew me pictures and told me stories. They painted and made beaded strings. They lit candles and night lights in the tree crown and made dens with transparent fabric. The wonder and delicacy of their treatment of the tiny flame was amazing . One girl was so enchanted with the flickering flame of the candle that she asked permission to take it into her house for her mother. Step by faltering step she carried the torch upstairs to her flat. I went with her and was rather nervous of the greeting that we would get, but need not have worried, it was as warm and beautiful as the flame itself.

Another girl said, ‘Let’s put everything negative into this flame.’ Let’s let the magic of this destroy the bad stuff.

During the session a local councilor was doing a walk about on the estate with some of the RSL employees. I was glad they had seen what was going on.

The session over ran considerably, and none of us noticed. Eventually the children and mums went home and we tidied away. I felt moved and a little stunned by what had just happened.