Not in Tower Hamlets!

We ran a session the other day, arriving in cold and wet conditions.  We built a fort out of scrap fabric to provide shelter for the other, more perishable, materials and set about play.

With only a roll of cling film (Sarah Wrap for any Americans out there) and some washing up liquid we dammed the drain at the centre of a large tarmac surface.


We whisked up some bubbles and stared for ages at the landscapes made by the clear plastic, but the air pockets and rainbow froth.





We set up lengths of film running between the railings that were, at different times: drums for the rain to beat upon, the web of a giant spider, lane markers for races and tracks along which bright green alien foam could be charged.


Then, when our visit was over, we took down the lengths of plastic and let the soap bubbles wash away down the drain.  I walked home covered in green soap, my hair practically lathered, amazed as ever at how much can be done with so little.

And, it was the cleanest messy play I’ve ever seen.