On Thursdays we’ve been returning to the high windy spot from Tuesday, and below are some of Zoe’s notes from a session:

Thursday was a rainy (and almost snowy) day. We were at the site on time. We prepared the site by ‘decorating’ it as we aimed to leave our marks on the landscape (such as paper flowers on the bushes-trees) for people to find. We emptied our bags in which we had tissue papers, scissors, rope and a variety of other material.

After 20 minutes we saw the two teenager boys (they are cousins) that had played in our first session at this spot. They were then very excited experimenting with making a rope-swing. They passed us and re-assured us that they are going to bring a tire for the rope-swing. After a while, we saw them wheeling the tire, anticipating attaching it to the rope.

After creative experimentation with the rope that had happened within our first session there, the two boys now knew how exactly they could create their swing. As they repeated this model, the swing was ready in a few minutes. After this, it was just pure fun.

The boys, and then us (the playworkers), we all experienced the swing-event. We were loudly laughing and this attracted other children’s curiosity. Both children and their parents were coming out in their balconies observing what we were doing. As a result, three younger children came out to play with the swing. Children were clearly very excited and wanted to make sure when we are going back.