We’ve started running twice-weekly sessions on another local site, a high flat windy spot surrounded by estate houses.    There’s a massive grassy slope and a flat tarmac section with the scars left from long-gone play equipment.  One boy we spoke to told it was called “The Dump” by local children, but some others said that they’d had a difficult time finding it, after seeing the play session advertisement distributed by the housing association.

Here are some of Rainer’s notes from the session:

We had 6 children, not bad for beginning. It was cold, a bit of an icy wind.

One mum came with her girl and baby. She was enthusiastic about the idea of offering play sessions.  She said there is nothing around and she is very frustrated. Another mum brought her 2 sons and daughter. The older daughter was waiting for us for weeks and was so happy that we finally made it.

Two older boys came along and of course they weren’t up for making things out of tissue paper. But the rope was interesting and they basically played for an hour with that. Especially one of them was immersed in how to get it over the tree and constructing it. He gave himself difficulties and challenges which was really interesting to see. He finally made a flying fox through getting the hoop down from the tree with the rope and then hanging the hoop as a swing. Sliding the hoop along the rope didn’t quite work of course but he hung on the rope upside down and he looked like an acrobat. I think he had lots of fun and his friend was more the hair designer type constantly talking on his phone with his other mates and bossing a bit around. Sorry no offence, he was hilarious.

The rope is such a good thing for older children but as well the younger once became interested and played with it.

I loved the snow fight with the rest of the snow!