On Saturday we set up camp from 12 – 3 in the post-playground tarmac space that forms a courtyard for an estate in our area.

We brought our high-visibility PLAYWORKER jackets:ambrose-walk-session-004

Loose parts of brightly coloured powder paints and a length of rope:


We wanted to play through information on some of the changes that we’ve proposed for this space, talk with them about their needs and desires for their doorstep play opportunities and share some of our ideas.  But this was a play session, not consultation, and like every good play session it developed into something richer, more vibrant and fantastic than we could have imagined.

There will be another post that looks more specifically at the ‘consultation’ aspect of this day, but I wanted one just to celebrate the fun that was had – because play is the point, after all.

Here are some images from the day:





It was the brightest of winter bar-be-ques, and a pleasure and privilege to meet the wonderful children who live there.  There are many more pictures hosted on our Flickr page here.